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Hitting the Road | Norway Road Trip


WOW! Just wow… My last weeks have been so busy but today I finished my last term paper for this semester and I decided to scroll through your last posts and videos on my free evening because I missed all the good content in the last weeks. This video ist so inspiring and pretty and I dont wanna start talking about the photos! They are just soon pretty! I had to think about Lake Tahoe and my West coast road trip last summer. This year I´m not traveling so far but it will be special I guess. Two of my best friends lost their dad´s this year, which was pretty hard. Thats the reason why I asked my dad yesterday if we wanna go on a trip together this summer. I´m so glad we´re going on a hiking trip and after seeing this video I will probably suggest we´ll go to Norway! Thank you so much for taking us on your trip! Greetings from Germany – Hannah <3

Martine Sorthe

Hi Hannah! I’m so HAPPY that you found my vlogs in just the right time in your life, and that it added value to you! I’m so sorry that you’ve gone through so much sorrow with your friends dad’s passing away. Hopefully you’ve learned and grown through the experience and you’ve come out stronger and more grateful for the people in your life. ENJOY your road trip with your dad. I’m wishing you the very best, Hannah. Let me know if you’re in Norway! xx