The storyteller

I'm a creative spirit who's currently based out of a little town, Osmarka, in the middle of Norway.

When I'm not a storyteller in weddings, I'm an entrepreneur, a certified life coach, and lifestyle blogger.

I love to travel the world, stay healthy in mind and body, inspire and encourage others, and capture moments on my life journey.


21 years old. 71 weddings.

Believe it or not, but I’ve been doing wedding photography since the age of 15. As I entered the 20s, I’ve captured moments in over 50 weddings. So, what brought me to this position where I’m able to shoot weddings year after year? I truly believe it’s my core being to create a story through the camera lens and my genuine interest for human beings. I’m confident that the most important part of being a storyteller, is to be able to relate and build connection with other people. So, that’s what I do. If you put trust in me and my creativity, I promise you that your wedding photos will perfectly reflect how you remember your biggest day.

Three core strengths


Since I can remember, I've had a different eye to everything and I've brought my creativity throughout all of my life. My passion for creating uniqueness has shed through many areas and interests, such as arts, photography, blogging, and entrepreneurship.


I find it incredibly fulfilling to engage people, because I know that from engagement comes thought and action. I bring this core strength to everything I say and do. In a way, I express my engagement for people through photos, too.


It's in my nature to pay highly attention to the details. This core strength especially comes to the surface when I'm behind the camera, as I'm very aware of the angles, the light and the mood.